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Ningbo Jiangnan Plastic Container Co., Ltd is located in the port city of Ningbo, which is on the route of Tongsan Highway which is China's longest costal highway horizontally, and stands on the northern bank of Hangzhou Bay Bridge. With only 100 minutes' drive to the metropolitan city of Shanghai, it enjoys an advantaged geographical location within the economic circle of China's Yangtze River Delta.

With the registered capital of 5.08 million RMB, our company occupies a total area of 47 mu and owns a modernized factory of 20,000 sqm. We have been engaged in rotomolding industry for almost 25 years with advantaged technology and strong power of research & development. Our company is run in an integration of design, R&D, Mould-maker, manufacture, sales, and after-sales services. With the lead of market, the motivation of technical development and the belief of integrity, We continue to transfer the technical achievements into productive force to produce innovative and practical products. to transfer the technical achievements into productive force to produce innovative and practical products. The major industries we involve are Water Treatment, environmental protection, chemical industry, rare earth, metallurgy, medicine and food, electronics, aquaculture, dying, transportation tool, entertainment, construction etc. The major products are super sized rotomolding products, stainless products, steel plastics, mechanical parts, various rotomolding boxes and molders, ets. And our company could provide the OEM production. The company products which relate to many series of trade, becomes matching products to complete a system. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games key competition range such as the National Stadium and "Water Cube",select our company products for the water disposal systems. We are the only company in this field to have a test center for raw materials and products and also have the advanced equipments and new raw materials. we can accomplish a variety of production only by the requirements, samples and drawings under the control of the ISO9001 standards.

Our company has numerous patents of outlook design and practical innovation. In particular, the patent for the"production method of super-sized rotomolding products and its specialized molder"wins the second place of "National Science and Technology Innovations"and the first place of "Science and Technology Progresses".The products go throug the inspection of Quality Supervision Center. Our company is awarded as the deputy chairman of council unit of CPPIA, and joins ARM. Company is also the director of Industry Association of China, and the governing unit of China Environment News. Our company is designated enterprise for hazardous chemicals packaging and container production. We are《Rotational polyethylene containers national standard》drafting enterprise.

We will continuously provide services for foreign and domestic clients. The sprit of Jiangnan is to depend on ourselves, pay contribution to the development of China's rotomoding industry, meet the challenges and strive to lead the rotomoding industry.

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Our series of products become a variety of industries designated supporting products, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games key competitions such as the Bird's Nest, Water Cube and other places within the water treatment system, supporting the use of the container are selected from the company's products. The company has the industry's only raw materials, product testing center, advanced processing equipment and new imported raw materials. Various types of rotational molding products based on demand information, real products, customized drawings that can digest, process design...

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